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People get scammed, harassed and even killed because their personal information is online.
We remove it.

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We will Protect your Privacy

Whether you realize it or not, there are likely several websites where your personal information – or that of those of family members who live with you – has already been revealed.

In fact, go to Google and see for yourself. Type in your name and address, and see what comes up.

Did you find yourself?

That’s how easy it is for other people to find you.

This is dangerous, yet the companies that publish it, or make it available, do not care about how that content can lead to vandalism or violence. That has happened in cities throughout the US – and tragedies have resulted.

Our online privacy protection service finds the sites that tell people where you live and sends a request for that information to be removed. Most sites comply with this request, but those that refuse to comply will be brought to the attention of the Attorney General’s office. One way or another, we’ll get that content deleted.


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Healthcare Providers and Facilitators Deserve the Same Privacy and Protection as Judges and Police Officers.


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In Politically Divisive Times, the Danger to Elected Officials is Greater.


Online Privacy Protection for Organizations, Unions and Agencies

Protect Your Entire Membership for One Low Personalized Price.


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Regardless of your profession, your home should be a safe place for you and your family.

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