The healthcare industry is a prime target for ransomware, as illustrated in the recent breach at Ascension and the devastating attack on Change Healthcare, which cost the company more than $870 million. 

IronWall360 CEO Ron Zayas recently contributed an article to 24x7, a healthcare organization publication, about the evolving methods of ransomware delivery.

You can read that article here

While server hardening is essential, the biggest vulnerability in healthcare today isn't password hacks – it’s your personnel. The emails they receive at work might be phishing attempts, and with artificial intelligence, those emails can look authentic enough to deceive even the most cautious employee.

One click on a malicious link can unleash ransomware, causing severe damage to your organization's reputation and finances. If patient records are compromised, the impact can be catastrophic.

How to Protect Your Healthcare Organization

In his article, Ron outlines the origins of current threats and provides strategies to shield healthcare organizations from becoming the next victim. Read the full article here.

To learn more about this vital topic, you can download our free whitepaper: Ransomware and Healthcare Providers: A Prevention and Protection Strategy

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  • Latest Tactics: Understand how modern phishing scams are developed and why they are increasingly successful.
  • Preventive Measures: Discover actionable steps to protect your organization.
  • Phishing Prevention: Learn how reducing the amount of private information available online about your employees can make your healthcare organization less attractive to hackers.

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