Delete your personal information from the Internet
Comprehensive Removals
Search and removal that extends beyond data broker and people finder websites, to cover the breadth of the Internet (including social media). If anyone can find your home address or other personal information, we’ll find it. And we’ll make sure it’s removed.
real-time updates for online privacy protection removals
Real-time Reports
Actively updated reports in your portal and real-time notifications always let you know where your address and other personal information was found, and when it was removed.
preventative online privacy protection tools to reduce digital footprint
Enhanced Protection Tools
Replace your personally identifiable information with content that cannot trace back to you. Mask your cell phone number, email address and online search and browsing activity to lower your digital footprint.
emergency support
Emergency Support
For members on our Premium program under active threat, we’ll provide emergency support and heightened monitoring to protect you and your family.

How We Protect Your Personal Information - and Your Family

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IronWall360 Online Privacy ProtectionPositive testimonial about IronWall360 Online Privacy Protection and their work protecting courts and judges' personal information on the Internet

We find and remove personal information online for government and businesses.

For public servants, there’s a significant risk for anyone to go online and find your home address, where your spouse works, or where your children go to school. For businesses, the higher amount of available personal information online is a higher risk for sophisticated phishing emails for your employees, which can easily lead to ransomware and other cyber attacks.

IronWall360 works with superior courts, social service departments, law enforcement agencies, and businesses as a legally-contracted agent, to remove any of your personal information from any website. This process begins with an online request, but will escalate if necessary to enforcement with the cooperation of the Attorney General’s office, or civil action in court on your behalf.


by Ron Zayas

Starting July 1, Colorado's new privacy legislation goes into effect, joining several other states in enhancing privacy protections. That’s the good news. And now that residents in these states have…

Why IronWall360 is Different
We search all websites, not just the “people finder” sites our competitors check. Sites that do not cooperate are referred to the Attorney General’s office. And we constantly conduct new searches, because we know a site that takes down content today may put that content back up next month or next year.

We know who the “repeat offenders” are and we pay special attention to them to keep our clients safe.
More Security, Less Threats
For over 10 years, IronWall360 team members have been involved in securing private information and cybersecurity. We protect our clients' information by first and foremost collecting as little information as possible. We do not collect IDs, social security numbers, or other sensitive information that increases the likelihood of attack. In addition, we employ advanced security techniques and protocols for who can see the data to protect the information you entrust us with. All of the information you provide us belongs to you.
Ask About Our Premium Program
If you're a court, department, or organization looking to protect your officials and members, our Premium Program is a complete, white-glove service that identifies and removes threats, provides one-on-one service and includes emergency support and comprehensive training. In addition, clients who enroll in this program will receive additional risk-prevention tools to lower their digital footprint, including a secure VPN, VoIP number, disposable email aliases, and more.

Our Premium IronWall360 Protection is unmatched in the industry for its high-level service, comprehensive protection, and no-worry implementation.

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