Judges are facing unprecedented threats. IronWall360 offers a critical shield for their online privacy. 

With threats escalating to over 300%, the urgency to protect your judges' personal information has never been more critical. Our dynamic privacy protection service continuously monitors and acts to make sensitive details like home addresses and phone numbers unsearchable.

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Unlike other services, we don't just target select sites; we comprehensively scour the breadth of the Internet to ensure that this information is consistently managed and removed. We are persistent, ensuring ongoing protection in a time where data is constantly shared and sold.

There are way too many stories now about judges being harassed and attacked at home. It's disgusting that companies will sell their addresses and not care what happens next. IronWall360 has done a great job keeping our judges' private information off the Internet.

What We Do

Since 2012, our IronWall360 security team has scanned the internet to find the address or phone number of judges under our protection. When we find ANY instance of a home address online, we make sure it's removed. It’s not a request – we don’t give them a choice. Those that refuse to comply are taken to court or referred to the Attorney General’s office.


What Makes IronWall360 Different?

  • Consistent Internet and Social Media Scans: Unlike other services, we conduct exhaustive searches across various online platforms every day.
  • Proven Satisfaction: With a 99% client satisfaction rate, we're leaders in ensuring judicial privacy.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: From emergency support to family member protection, our packages are created specifically for the unique needs of courts and judges.
  • Ongoing Reports: Clients receive ongoing notifications and reports in their personal portal showing where their private information was found, and confirming its removal.

Choose Your Option

At IronWall360, we understand that each court and its members have unique security needs. That's why we offer a range of protection packages, each meticulously designed to cater to different levels of security requirements. From our comprehensive Premium Protection to our cost-effective Basic Protection and individual options, we have a solution for every need.

  • Premium Protection: The ultimate in peace of mind, offering extensive services including emergency support, enhanced protection tools, and family member protection.
  • Basic Protection: Effective and thorough internet scrubbing for robust online safety.

For a detailed breakdown of what each package includes and to find the perfect fit for your court's needs, visit our organization package page.

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