The recent terrorist attack against Israel and the Israeli response have triggered protests across America. After some of these protests ended in violence, arrests were made and trials for the accused are already underway. Judges will be assigned to determine the fates of protestors on both sides – in a conflict that has caused centuries of violence and bloodshed.

Judges have no choice but to take these cases and render a verdict, knowing full well their decision may bring threats, harassment and possibly personal attacks from those on the opposing side. It has already happened to one judge in California, and more will surely follow.

The time to protect your court personnel is now.

The current crisis in the Middle East will not be resolved soon. Protests on both sides are likely to continue, and will result in numerous arrests and prosecutions. One need only watch the news to see how heightened emotions are around this conflict. It’s easy to imagine a judge sentencing a pro-Palestine protestor facing retaliation – and anyone wishing to threaten or intimidate a judge can likely find that judge’s home address online with a quick Google search.

Fortunately, the threatened judge in California presides in an IronWall360 protected court district. If someone wants to discover his home address online, they will find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to do so. Our search teams scan the breadth of the internet for our clients’ personal data, and make sure it is removed.

But our service doesn’t stop there.

When an active threat against an IronWall360 client is discovered or reported, our Emergency Protection Program (available to all Premium clients) provides additional protection, including increased searches, social media surveillance of the person that made the threat, and sharing all results with law enforcement if necessary.

No other online privacy protection service provides this level of service when it is needed most.

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Ron Zayas


Ron Zayas is an online privacy expert, speaker, author, and CEO of 360Civic, a provider of online protection to law enforcement, judicial officers, and social workers. For more insight into onli... Read more

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