Last month, a social worker in upstate New York was severely beaten while on her way to perform a home visit. Tragically, she later died from her injuries.

This is a heartbreaking but essential reminder of the dangers social workers face every day, and the necessity for social services agencies and other human service organizations to take preventative steps to keep these professionals safe.

One social worker once told us, “The biggest concern used to be a client following me home. Today, any client can find my home address online with a five-minute Google search, putting my entire family in danger.”

This is Unacceptable

The widespread availability of personal identifying information is just too great a risk to those who work with vulnerable clients in challenging situations. Social workers, in particular, face heightened dangers because their roles often require making difficult decisions that may not be well-received.

Disgruntled individuals may seek retribution, and with personal information like home addresses readily accessible online, the threat is very real. Protecting social workers’ personal information online is crucial to ensure their safety and allow them to perform their duties without fear of personal harm.

Shielding their personal information online can help reduce these risks, and provide social workers with peace of mind they need to focus on their critical work in our communities.

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We Remove Social Workers’ Private Information From the Internet

When your home address is not accessible online, and your workplace has taken sufficient security measures, you can have peace of mind knowing you can help those in need without fearing that a hostile client engagement might escalate into a threatening or violent situation.

Online privacy protection removes your personal identifying information from the internet. But it’s crucial to decide which company to trust with this responsibility, as some only monitor data brokers and people-finder sites, which account for only 40% of online sites that publish home addresses.

IronWall360 digs deeper. All it takes is one successful search result to trigger a tragedy. Our privacy team uses proprietary technology to scan the breadth of the internet every day. When we find the address of someone under our protection, we ensure the website removes it. Usually, they comply with our request, when they don’t, we’ll do everything we can to make sure your information comes down.

That’s why Health and Human Service Departments trust IronWall360 to eliminate their social workers’ personal information online. We are the #1 choice for protecting public servants and have served thousands of clients successfully for over a decade.

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