If you guessed ransomware, you are correct.

But wait – if you pay the ransom, doesn’t that mean your systems get restored and nothing is lost? Unfortunately, that’s not the case, as a new report confirms.

The findings, based on a survey of 1,200 organizations that experienced a ransomware attack, found that an average of 43% of compromised data disappears forever, whether the ransom is paid or not.

Even more disconcerting is the fact that if companies had incident response plans and policies in place, the damage could be just as severe. Even backup repositories were not safe in more than 75% of breaches.

What you think is keeping you safe may not be having much effect at all.

And with the average cost of a ransomware payment topping $550,000, a new approach needs to be considered.

Force Hackers to Look Elsewhere

The best way to avoid a data breach is to take your organization off the target list. And that starts by removing personal identifying information about yourself and your personnel online, in a way that still allows them to do all the things we all do online every day. Because that information in the wrong hands can be exploited for a customized phishing attack that has a good chance of succeeding.

Our whitepaper The Weaponization of Privacy explains how every person at every company is a potential victim, and what you can do about it.

Then, if you’d like to know more about how to remove this content, we can create and manage a program that covers all of your personnel.

Sounds Expensive

Not really. We provide licensing agreements that can protect all of your employees for less than you might think. We can guarantee one thing – our service is a whole lot cheaper than the $30 million Caesars Palace recently paid to regain access to their systems.


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Ron Zayas


Ron Zayas is an online privacy expert, speaker, author, and CEO of 360Civic, a provider of online protection to law enforcement, judicial officers, and social workers. For more insight into onli... Read more

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