In wake of Federal Marshals’ warning of increased threats to U.S. Judges, more pre-emptive safeguards are needed before court officials become targets

ORANGE, Calif., Feb. 28, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- “In the past three years, the number of threats against federal judges have more than doubled, as have threats against prosecutors and other court officials.” This statement, made earlier this month by U.S. Marshals Service Director Ronald Davis to the House Judiciary Subcommittee, exposes the real dangers to which judges have become prone. Davis went on to describe the significant rise and nature of these threats as “a substantial risk to our democracy.”

“Media, social media, and the internet – along with a general decline in empathy – have fostered a dangerous culture where personal attacks and demonization over a single comment or action are now commonplace,” said Ron Zayas, CEO of 360Civic, a leading provider of online privacy protection to court personnel and law enforcement. “In recent years, we’ve witnessed the ‘weaponization of privacy’ in which a disgruntled individual can ‘find’ their intended target in just a few mouse clicks – what comes next is anyone’s guess. Thanks to the myriad online sources that provide easy access to home addresses and other personal information, no one is safe.”

In this climate, proactive measures are imperative, especially for those in high-profile judicial roles. IronWall360, from 360Civic, offers multiple components that work in tandem to eliminate the publication of its members’ private data (and that of their loved ones), reduce the likelihood of such content being found later, and equip them with additional tools to keep them safer. Unlike competitive options that focus on one or two pieces of the privacy protection puzzle, IronWall360’s comprehensive program consists of proprietary technology that scans the internet daily for members’ identifying information and proactively removes it.

IronWall360 members also receive guidance in how to continually protect their identity online through solutions such as NordVPN, which masks a user’s online search and browsing activity so that information cannot be shared or sold. Additional tools conceal users’ cell phone numbers and email addresses, replacing them with aliases that cannot be traced back to their source.

“Personal information is the foundation for every threat, every phishing attack, and every attempted identity theft. That’s why it is essential to take control of your information, and limit access to it, when necessary,” added Zayas. “In light of the U.S. Marshals Service Director’s testimony, this is particularly crucial for those who are ruling on the court cases that affect passionate individuals and their causes. By adding a foundation of protection before those proceedings start and decisions are handed down, judges can significantly hinder the personal attacks that are unfortunately more frequently seen as part of the job.”

To learn more about 360Civic and IronWall360, click here. For a deeper dive into the current state of online privacy and how it’s being compromised, download “The Weaponization of Privacy: Why It Will Get Worse, and How You Can Stop It” white paper.

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