Easy online access to personal data leaves public figures and private citizens vulnerable; downloadable white paper outlines pre-emptive safeguards 

ORANGE, Calif., April 3, 2024 — In an era where an individual’s personal information is monetized and readily accessible online, anyone can become the target of harassment, intimidation, physical danger, or worse. Public servants such as politicians, judges, and law enforcement officers have borne the brunt of such activity in recent years. But today even private citizens are being identified and harassed for a variety of reasons. 

360Civic’s downloadable white paper, “The Weaponization of Privacy: Why It Will Get Worse, and How You Can Stop It,” takes a deeper look at the current state of online privacy and how it's being compromised. 

“In a world where ‘just doing your job,’ ‘doing your thing,’ or ‘just doing you’ is liable to draw the ire of someone with an axe to grind, it’s especially important to keep your private information private,” said Ron Zayas, CEO of 360Civic, the leading U.S. provider of online privacy protection. “We see this all too often with public servants who, in the course of carrying out their professional duties, become targets of disgruntled individuals. Unfortunately, the internet provides easy access to intel on these targets – where they live and work, their family, their phone number, and so much more.” 

When it comes to privacy protection, proactive measures are essential. IronWall360, from 360Civic, offers multiple solutions that work together to stop or retract the publication of its members’ private data (and that of their loved ones), reduce the likelihood of such content being found later, and equip users with additional tools to keep them safe. Unlike competitive options that focus on one or two pieces of the privacy puzzle, IronWall360’s comprehensive program consists of proprietary technology that scans the internet daily for members’ identifying information and proactively removes it. 

IronWall360 members also receive guidance on how to continually protect their identity online through solutions such as NordVPN, which masks a user’s online search and browsing activity so that information cannot be shared or sold. Additional tools conceal users’ cell phone numbers and email addresses, replacing them with aliases that cannot be traced back to their source. 

“With ransomware attacks rampant and AI making phishing scams more difficult to detect, the vulnerability of private information will only continue to grow. As a result, everyone – regardless of job, age, family situation, location, or political affiliation – can be a target,” added Zayas. “IronWall360’s blended approach of data removal and data masking significantly lowers the risk of terrorization or personal attacks and reduces the chances of both public and private entities succumbing to online scams, phishing, or identity theft.” 

Click here to learn more about 360Civic and IronWall360. For a deeper dive into the current state of online privacy and how it’s being compromised, download the white paper “The Weaponization of Privacy: Why It Will Get Worse, and How You Can Stop It”.   

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About 360Civic

360Civic strongly supports the idea of a safe and private internet. IronWall360, provided by 360Civic, works with superior courts, social work departments, and law enforcement agencies as a legally-contracted agent, to search and remove any personal information from any website in violation of state and federal privacy restrictions. 360Civic is a member of the Surfshark and NordSec family of companies. For more information, visit 360civic.com/ironwall360


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