The Federated University Police Officers’ Association (FUPOA), an organization that represents more than 300 police officers within the University of California Police Department System, has selected IronWall 360 to provide officers with online monitoring and privacy protection.

“From UC Berkeley to UC San Diego, FUPOA officers provide an important service on California university campuses, while striving to keep their communities safe,” said IronWall360 CEO Ron Zayas. “We are proud to have this opportunity to protect their officers by making sure their private information – home addresses and phone numbers – are not accessible online. That information in the wrong hands can result in harassment, vandalism, or even violence.”

To date, IronWall360 has found and removed more than one million listings of addresses and phone numbers for police officers and law enforcement professionals enrolled in its program.

“I am very pleased to be able to offer IronWall360 protection to the dedicated men and women in FUPOA,” said Wade Stern, President of the Federated University Police Officers’ Association. “This is an important and valuable service not just for our officers but for their families as well.”

If your police department or organization would like more information on online privacy protection, or if you are interested in individual registration, visit this page to learn more.

About IronWall360
IronWall360, provided by 360Civic, works with superior courts, justice departments and law enforcement agencies as a legally-contracted agent, to formally remove any personal information from any website in violation of state and federal restrictions. For more information, visit

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