Legislation going into effect in 2023 provides some consumer protections but onus falls on those impacted to report wrongdoing; diligence in safeguarding personal data is key  

Orange, Calif. – December 20, 2022 – 360Civic, a leading provider of online privacy protection, today advocated for individuals to play a greater role in securing their own digital footprint. While new comprehensive consumer privacy laws will take effect in five states – California, Colorado, Connecticut, Utah, and Virginia – in 2023, opting out of data collection remains a critical first step in preventing unnecessary information gathering.

“When our personal information is so readily available online, it represents a crack in the privacy shield between the Internet and the real world,” said Ron Zayas, CEO, 360Civic.

“Instead of ignoring privacy warnings, users can gain a powerful advantage by opting out and capitalizing on the opportunity to better control their own information. These are the types of routines that need to change.”

Having one’s home address, phone number, and other personal data shared and sold can result in a multitude of problems and is especially hazardous for public servants such as judges, social workers, and police officers.

“Hopefully, forthcoming legislation will make it simpler for anyone to ‘embrace the opt-out,’ and stop service providers from using, disclosing, selling, or providing access to customers' personal information without permission. Until then, everyone should be aware of the policies of websites where their data is captured,” Zayas added.

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IronWall360, provided by 360Civic, works with superior courts, social work departments, and law enforcement agencies as a legally-contracted agent, to search and remove any personal information from any website in violation of state and federal privacy restrictions. For more information, visit 360civic.com/ironwall360.

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