Have you used the X platform to complain about poor service at a company? If so, you may have been contacted by someone claiming to be a customer service agent – but that communication could be from a scammer.

Recognizing Fake Customer Service: Common Tactics Scammers Use

Third parties are now presenting themselves as representatives of an airline or hotel booking chain, or any other company that often receives angry complaints from consumers. They offer to make restitution in exchange for some information, or by having the customer download an app. If you do what they ask, they’ve got you.

Emotional Manipulation

As with many phishing scams, thieves target people who are already angry about a situation, and play on their emotional vulnerability. Who wouldn’t want to believe a response that acknowledges the company’s culpability, apologizes, and is eager to make things right? Instead, what happens next will make things even worse.

The Bank Scam: A Common Deception Tactic

Those who are mad at their bank are also prime targets because at some point the scammer will ask them to confirm their bank account information (“for security reasons”) and then clean out their checking account.

How Scammers Use Verified-Looking Accounts on X Premium

Anyone can pay about 15 bucks for “X Premium,” formerly a Twitter blue check, and that can make them look authentic as a company representative. But at some point, there will be a request for information that is not necessary, and that should make the consumer cautious.

To be fair, some companies contribute to the prevalence of these scams by making it difficult for customers to seek restitution. Ignoring emails, putting customers on hold for a half-hour, and other tactics create a climate of frustration for scammers to leverage. But that is no reason for these customers to not exercise caution if they suspect something doesn’t seem right.

The easiest way to avoid being taken in by a fake X account is to only deal directly with the bank, airline, etc. through the contact information on their website. It may take longer, and it may be aggravating, but at least when they finally resolve your issue, you’ll know it’s genuine.

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