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DOTmed HealthCareBusiness News

DOTMed HealthCare Business News: Vulnerable to ransomware? It’s not your servers – it’s your people

Published May 2024

While computers are now essential in every workplace, including healthcare organizations, that doesn’t mean that most professionals who use them every day understand how easily they can be weaponized. Healthcare organizations have become a favorite target of thieves and ransomware gangs for a variety of reasons, starting with the critical services they provide.

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Insurance News Net

Insurance NewsNet: Safeguard staff to safeguard the organization from hackers

Published May 2024

In 2023, the ransomware industry saw an alarming 55.5% increase in victims worldwide over the previous year. Targets range from government and educational institutions to finance and health care providers — and everything in between. Any organization that holds personal and financial data on its clientele is at risk. This makes insurance companies especially vulnerable.

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24x7 Magazine

24x7 Magazine: Protecting Patient Data from Evolving Cyber Threats

Published April 2024

Amidst a rising wave of ransomware attacks targeting healthcare systems, hospitals are grappling with sophisticated threats that compromise critical operations and patient safety. These cyber-attacks, often powered by AI and personalized phishing tactics, are forcing healthcare providers to fortify defenses through employee training and stringent data privacy measures to prevent potentially catastrophic breaches.

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American Bar Association

Gavel Talks Podcast: Could ordering a pizza threaten your family's safety?

Aired May 2023

Could ordering a pizza endanger you and your family?  Grab your lunch and listen as Judicial data security expert Ron Zayas joins host Richard Ginkowski for this fascinating discussion of how much of your personal data is in the public domain and what you can do about it.

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The Court Review - The Journal of the American Judges Association

Securing the Integrity of Our Judicial System: Protecting Judges Beyond the Courthouse

Published March 2023

Justice is not confined to the four walls of a courthouse, and neither should the protection of our judges. In this eye-opening article from our CEO, Ron Zayas, learn about the crucial importance of securing the safety and well-being of our judges beyond the courtroom. Gain valuable insights into the measures we can take to safeguard our judicial system and protect those who uphold the rule of law

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The Court Administrator Newsletter

Protecting Judges and their Families: Who is responsible for ensuring their safety beyond the courthouse?

Published January 2023

Once personal data of private citizens and public servants is exposed, what can be done to remove it from the Internet? The answer is, it depends...on which state, what laws are at play, and how much muscle can be put behind proactive efforts to remove information quickly. It’s a complex data security issue, and particularly timely in the wake of recent events. For judicial officials, the impact is immense and demonstrates further cracks in the privacy shield between public servants, their families, and the general public – potentially adding to a growing pattern of violence. This article will provide insight into online privacy laws and challenges, highlighting proactive strategies and best online practices that help reduce risk for judges and their families.

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The Blues

When Information is More Deadly Than a Gun

Published November 2022

Law enforcement officials are trained to identify and neutralize threats. Whether dealing with a dubious individual or a suspicious abandoned packaged, trained professionals will assess the situation and determine the best course of action to keep the public safe. But how good are these pros at assessing threats to their own safety, and that of their families? Learn the steps LEOs can take to protect their personal information from falling into the wrong hands, and putting their families at risk.

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Law Officer Magazine

Three Steps to Keep Your Home Address Private Online

Proactive online privacy is smart strategy for public servants

Published August 2022

Removing personal information, especially home addresses, from online sources is necessary and within anyone’s reach. Some states like California make it easier; with others, the process can be more time-consuming, but it is time well spent. Follow these three steps to protect yourself and your family.

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Police Magazine

Search. Click. Attack.

How Easy is it to Find An Officer's Address Online? Too Easy.

Published July 2021

We sacrifice so much of our privacy for the convenience of online shopping and participation in social media communication. Because of this, your address, phone number, the name of your spouse, and even the schools your children attend can be accessed online in seconds with a few mouse clicks.

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