This month, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill 362 into law.

Also known as the “Delete Act,” this bill will make it easier for Californians to request that their online personal information be deleted.

Even prior to this legislation, California already had the strictest privacy controls on resident information available anywhere in the United States. The new law will create a website where residents can go to verify their identity and then make a single request to delete online personal information on the more than 500 data broker websites registered in California. The data broker will be required to delete all of your personal information once every 45 days, and will be prohibited from selling or sharing any new personal information that may be received about you.

And beginning in 2028, data brokers will be required to submit to an audit every three years to make sure they are in compliance.

Every new law aimed at securing all of our private information is welcome, and we hope that similar legislation will be considered in other states as well, or perhaps adopted at the federal level. But unfortunately these laws alone will not solve the problem.

Why You Are Still Not Safe

Since it only covers data brokers, it will not stop others from selling your information, including social media platforms like Facebook, retailer and restaurant loyalty programs, and cable companies, to name a few.

If you are a judge, police officer or other protected individual, this bill would also not remove you from malicious sites and others that leak your address and threaten your family.

When it comes to your personal privacy, the Internet is like a boat with dozens of holes that endanger its safety. Restricting data brokers plugs one of the biggest holes, but many others remain that are just as worrisome.

IronWall360 - One Comprehensive Solution

It is nearly impossible for an individual acting alone to plug all of the leaks without any help. That’s what IronWall360 provides. We monitor all aspects of the Internet – not just data brokers. When we find our clients' personal information that shouldn’t be there, we take direct action to make sure that content is removed.

We cover our clients' families as well, because someone determined to go after a person they have targeted will also try to locate them through the online profiles of spouses and children.

We provide solutions that mask your cell phone number, email address, and online search and browsing activity, as this is all information companies collect and share. Doing so will reduce your risk of becoming a victim of a phishing attack or identity theft. It will also lower the number of annoying robocalls you receive every week.

We are the only company that delivers all of these safeguards – and more. Does it work? Our renewal rate is over 90% for over 10 years. Yes, it works. Find out more about why this service is needed more than ever, and why we’re the top choice for public servants in our space.

Since we began IronWall360, we have removed more than one million pieces of personal information for our clients.

Now we’re ready to go to work for you.

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