Horror stores about ransomware just keep coming. Every week another city finds itself under attack by computer code that locks out personnel from the essential services they provide.

Your city is being targeted right now. The security protocols built into your IT infrastructure will repel most breach attempts. But they won’t catch them all. And sometimes – in fact, most of the time – it’s not about technology; it’s about one employee clicking on a phishing email that gives hackers access to your systems.

“Our Employees Wouldn’t Fall For That”

Don’t be too sure. Hackers have come a long way from the obvious scams they tried ten years ago. Today’s thieves are combining the adaptability of artificial intelligence with the copious amounts of personal data available freely on the Internet to tailor individual emails that are amazingly effective. If someone receives an email that includes names of relatives, or photos and videos or family members, it’s easier to believe it may be authentic.

And once an employee’s device is compromised, your network is compromised. Say hello to exposed credit card numbers and social security numbers, lawsuits, insurance claims, unfavorable news stories, and more headaches than you can imagine.

What You Can Do About It – Right Now

AI and tailored attacks need information to prosper. We lower the level of information available on your employees, which makes them more elusive targets.

We remove the personal information of your employees online from data brokers, people sites, governmental sites — anywhere it can show up on a search engine — that means scammers have less to go on.

We lower the instances of their mobile number exposure, which is a vector to their address, family members, daily travel habits and even their passwords and logins.

We train your personnel through webinars on how to protect themselves by making a few simple changes to how they interact with companies in the physical and online worlds.

What If We’ve Already Been Hit?

Unfortunately, that puts you on a list of potentially vulnerable entities and only increases the likelihood that you will be targeted again. By limiting the damage your personnel suffer after a breach, you greatly reduce your legal and financial exposure.

We will create and manage a program that allows all of your affected employees to sign up at no cost and start receiving the protection they need. With constant monitoring and feedback, they will be able to feel more protected and be alerted as their information is found and removed. We protect their personal data and that of their families, and this protection delivers dividends long after your exposure ends.

Our post-breach services are often covered by insurance carriers. We work with many providers to make the process more cost-effective for everyone.

Sounds Expensive

Not really. We provide licensing agreements that can protect all of your employees for less than you might think. We can guarantee one thing – our service is a whole lot cheaper than the $30 million Caesars Palace recently paid to regain access to their systems.


Contact us. That’s why we’re here. Sadly there is no way to be 100% safe from phishing and ransomware. But with privacy protection in place, you significantly lower your risk of becoming the next victim.

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Ron Zayas


Ron Zayas is an online privacy expert, speaker, author, and CEO of 360Civic, a provider of online protection to law enforcement, judicial officers, and social workers. For more insight into onli... Read more

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