“You never know where an attack is going to come from. This was certainly an unusual situation that IronWall360 addressed quickly.”

While most incidents of finding and removing a judge’s private information online fall into standard categories, sometimes we encounter a situation where someone with a grudge unleashes a unique and particularly malicious attack.

One man was so determined to endanger a judge that he wrote a short book, titled “Judge (last name withheld) Is An (expletive) And He Lives At (home address).” Since Amazon is one of the internet’s most popular and highly indexed websites, any search for that judge's name would return this book listing, revealing the judge's name and address in its title.

The intent was clear: the creator of the listing wanted those who shared his animosity toward the judge to know where he and his family lived. This could lead to intimidation, threats, vandalism, and even violence. Such actions must not be tolerated.

Our IronWall360 team contacted Amazon to address the situation and ensure the book listing was removed. It wasn't easy, as connecting with someone in authority at a company as large as Amazon can be challenging. After several attempts, we succeeded in explaining the danger our client faced, and Amazon’s potential legal exposure should something happen to the judge. That’s when the content was removed.

Our competitors – other companies that promise online privacy protection – would have done nothing about this serious threat. Their automated systems would not have detected an Amazon book listing. Even if they had, they lack the personnel and infrastructure to achieve the same results.

IronWall360 searches cover the entire internet, enabling us to quickly discover this book. Our technology is backed by a team of security experts who go above and beyond to keep our clients safe.

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Note: To protect our clients' privacy, all case studies describe events in a way that ensures their safety and anonymity.

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