If you're looking to provide online privacy protection for your court, organization, or business, we have the two following packages available:

Premium Protection

Our Premium program is designed to provide complete peace of mind to public servants and high-profile positions. This program is unmatched in the industry for its high-level service, comprehensive protection and no-worry implementation.

  1. Search and Removal
    • An account to access a secure online portal is provided for each participant.
    • Scanning of all public websites every business day, Monday through Friday.
    • Consistent removal requests when information is found, and follow-ups to ensure it's deleted.
    • Each participant's account includes protection for residing family members.
    • Escalation of unresolved removals to attorney general or lawsuits in civil court.
  2. Support
    • Live and local support via telephone, email, and chat for questions or concerns during business hours.
  3. Emergency Support
    • One-on-one, 24/7 emergency support during pending security threats, phishing, or online scams.
    • Expanded search to broaden the scope and frequency of online searches
  4. Prevention
    • Choice of enhanced privacy protection tools, including email aliases, a VoIP number, and NordVPN for each covered client.opt into
  5. Education
    • Live privacy protection training and seminars to learn about protecting yourself and your family online and offline.
    • Recorded webinars about online security for convenient on-demand viewing.
    • Optional onboarding training with participants at the launch of the program.

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Complimentary Enhanced Protection Tools

In addition, Premium clients opt into the following complimentary enhanced protection tools, to be included in their organization's subscription at no additional cost:

  • NordVPN: Safely browse the internet with a virtual private network (VPN) from NordVPN. Encrypt and safeguard your online activities, preventing anyone from monitoring or exploiting your data.
  • VoIP Number: Never share your cell phone number!  Forward calls and text messages to your cell phone number while maintaining your privacy. A safe way to use two-factor authentication, and let callers leave voicemails sent to your email as recordings.
  • Secure Email Aliases: Protect your personal email address using a secure, alternative email address. Use them for savings clubs, social media, online shopping, and site logins – sites that may track your email or link it to your home address.

Basic Protection

Our Basic program provides thorough Internet scrubbing to remove your information online. This program offers:

  1. Online privacy threat removal
  2. Core database removal
  3. Comprehensive secure portal
  4. Support via email and chat
  5. Option to upgrade to any add-on enhanced protection tools at reduced rates

If you are looking for a high-value, low-cost program that searches and removes the private information of your judges or employees, no one provides more thorough removal than IronWall360.

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