With Secure Emails From 360Civic, Your Email is Shared With Only Those You Trust

You value your online privacy, and we value your trust. That's why we're offering our exclusive secure email addresses as an add-on for our loyal customers like you. Upgrade your online protection with our secure email service and take control of your digital footprint.

Why Use Our Secure Email Addresses?

  • Protect Your Personal Email Address: Safeguard your primary email address from being shared, sold, or targeted by online entities.
  • Create and Delete Email Aliases: Easily generate and discard email aliases to minimize your digital footprint and enhance your privacy.
  • Avoid Email Tracking: Say goodbye to invasive email tracking by using our secure email addresses, independent of major email service providers.
  • Flexible Alias Management: Enable or disable email aliases on the go, without the need to create new email accounts.

Get Started Today for Just $4.99 per Month!

Upgrade to our secure email addresses and gain peace of mind knowing that your personal email address remains private. For the exclusive rate of just $4.99 per month, you can take even more control of your online privacy.

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Explore Other Privacy Protection Services From 360Civic

In addition to our secure emails, we offer a range of powerful privacy protection tools to provide you with comprehensive online security:


Safely browse the internet with a virtual private network (VPN) from NordVPN. Encrypt and safeguard your online activities, preventing anyone from monitoring or exploiting your data. Just $4.99 per month.

VoIP Number

Never share your cell phone number!  Forward calls and text messages to your cell phone number while maintaining your privacy. A safe way to use two-factor authentication, and lets callers leave voicemails sent to your email as recordings. Just $4.99 per month.

Access Our Full Suite of Enhanced Protection Services

Bundle all three protection services together and enjoy the most comprehensive online security package available! For just $11.99 per month, you can both save money and have complete peace of mind knowing your privacy and sensitive information are well-guarded.

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$11.99/month - NordVPN, VoIP, Secure Emails

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